About Us

Founders of the company Dr. D.B. Desai, who did his Ph.D. in seed technology from Mississippi State University, U.S.A. and Shri R.J. Dhannawat having experience in the seed production, processing & marketing, visualized the potential and need of the quality seeds in the development for increasing Agriculture production in India, made a beginning with what is known as Navbharat Seeds Pvt. Ltd. (NSPL) today, came in existence as a Research based company in the year 1981 at Ahmedabad. (Gujarat, India). With strong breeding programs for hybrid development in Cotton, Pearl Millet, Castor, Vegetable having sound collaborations with several SAU’s and international institute, ICRISAT, NSPL is engaged in crop improvement research, seed production and marketing of superior quality seeds.

Our R & D is focused to meet the requirement of the farmers, demand of the market and cost effective technologies. The company consistently focuses on the changing preferences and needs of the farmers. This become possible for NSPL because the gene bank maintains more than 25000 diverse germplasm accessions for its genetic enhancement and crop improvement research programmes. Need based research, production and marketing at NSPL is possible because it comprises of professional, committed and dedicated scientists with international experience, breeders, agronomist, seed technologist. The company is proud of its efficient performance system and trendsetter for sound management and financial governance. To substantiate the reputation of quality assurance, a stringent seed quality assurance system is followed at the highly modernized seed processing plant, laboratory and during GOT testing.

NSPL is operating its marketing activities for Central Zone (Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, M.P.) from Ahmedabad and for South (A.P., Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu) and North Zone (Punjab, Haryana) from its regional office based at Hyderabad (A.P.). Company has its well developed and established market network of more than 700 distributors, dealers with highly motivated and dedicated marketing professionals spread over all most all States in India. To create awareness of production technology in the farmers and for feed back to the company, several extension activities via field day, demonstrations, dealers meet, crop competition, participatory research programs, field trials in different climatic conditions are being carried out. Publication of pamphlets, news letters, publicity with Audio-Visual Van, Organizing exhibitions etc are regularly followed by the extension division. Market research is also one of the important programme, which focuses the direction of .

Vision : -

Strive for a distinguished position in the Indian Seed Industry through constant up-gradation of research process ensuring technological competitiveness and supplying superior quality value added products. This will be achieved with
  • Exploitation of genetic variation to tailor superior hybrids of mandated crops.
  • Genetic enhancement to develop elite recombinants as breeding lines and new products.
  • Delivery of genetic potential and innovative technology through superior quality seeds as carriers for the benefits of the farmers, which confers competitive advantages to the farmers in yield and reduce the need for Agro-chemicals and safe to the environment.
  • Development of market assisted breeding strategies to speed up the diversification of genetic resource base.
  • Research and development in GMO crops in collaboration with reputed international companies.
  • Strategic analysis of products by participatory research and seed business with changing market dynamics.

Mission : -

Mission As Indian Agriculture faces enormous challenges to increase Agriculture production which has direct bearing on inflation in the food commodities. The potential yield in crops is increasing at slow pace than expected food demand. Therefore food security has been always been an issue of a major concern to India owing to large and rapidly growing population. Considering seed is the most basic input in Agriculture production, our mission is to be a part in the national goal and to contribute whatever possible with the use of science and innovation in research in India, meeting farmers demand of quality seeds.